Arteezy Dota 2 Setup & Gear (Updated August ’17)

Artour Babaev or Arteezy is a Canadian Dota2 player. He is born on July 1, 1996. His position in the game is currently Midlaner for Team Secret, but before he played hard carry for Team EG, before joining Evil Geniuses again in September 2016.

Before that he played for Team Secret, but left that team after a disappointing result in The International 2015, and now he is back in Team Secret once again and he is back in Evil Geniuses once again..!

He is considered the best midlaner in the world by many. His most used heroes are Lycan, Shadowfiend and Naga Siren. Arteezy is also quite known for his temperament, which could sometimes be very salty 😉

Arteezy Mouse

Best Dota 2 Mouse

Babaev is using the SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse. This is currently the best gaming mouse for Dota 2 in 2017 according to our research!

The Sensei features an ambidextrous design and proven track record since its release back in 2011.

Arteezy Headset

Sennheiser GAME ZERO

The headset of choice is the very popular Sennheiser Game Zero. This headset could possible be the best gaming headset on the market. During our initial study of the best headsets this one always get’s brought up.

Let us know in the comments below what you think!

Arteezy Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex M800

SteelSeries APEX M800 is the mechanical gaming keyboard currently equipped. We do know that Arteezy has used Cherry MX Brown switches in the past.

The Apex M800 however features SteelSeries own QS-1 mechanical switches.

Arteezy Monitor

Benq Zowie XL2430 review

He uses a 24″ gaming monitor in the ZOWIE BenQ XL2430. This is a very popular esports monitor and it is on the short list to become our favourite in 2017.

You will find our extensive buyer’s guide for the best gaming monitor 2017 here!

The XL2430 features a 144 Hz panel which is optimal for competitive gameplay. We have yet to find a professional esports gamer not using a fast panel like this.

Arteezy Mousepad

SteelSeries QcK+ Evil Geniuses Limited Edition. This appears to be one of the most solid choices when it comes to the best gaming mousepad.

Arteezy Chair

Maxnomic Dominator Black Evil Geniuses Edition is where Artour sits during practise.



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