Sneaky League of Legends Setup (Updated July ’17)

Zachary Scuderi or Sneaky is a famous League of Legends player, currently in the Cloud 9 esports team. He is born on March 19, 1994. He fills the position as the team’s AD Carry.

His favourite champions are Ezrael, Graves and Draven. He is also one of the few professional players who like to play Jayce as an AD Carry.

A fun piece of trivia is that he used to play World of Warcraft competitively during the 6th season during Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Sneaky Headset

Sneaky is rocking the Logitech G430 gaming headset. It has the same light blur finish as the Logitech brand and Cloud9 team colors.

This headset has got decent reviews, and is a solid choice for any aspiring esports player. Click on the name above to read our full review.

Sneaky Keyboard

The keyboard of choice is the Logitech G810 mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s is one of the newer versions from Logitech.

Keybindings are default settings except he binds smart cast to Q-W-E-R, and non-smart cast to SHIFT Q-W-E-R.

Sneaky Mouse

His right hand is equipped with the Logitech G303 gaming mouse. This is a small ambidextrous mouse, which is generally recommended for claw grip. It is often the preferred mouse grip for MOBA’s and strategy games that require fast, twitchy movement.

Mouse Settings

Mouse: 800 DPI
Windows Settings: middle tick
Windows Acceleration: off
In game mouse: 50

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