summit1g Streamer Setup (Updated July ’17)

Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar is a gaming personality and streamer. He is born on April 23, 1987, and he is currently living in Colorado USA.

Summit1g’s primary game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. From time to time he’s been acting as a stand in for professional teams. But as of right now he is focusing on his streaming career, and is not planning on going pro full-time.

Notable achievements in CS:GO include a 7-8th placement in the Dreamhack Austin 2016. A competition where he acted as stand in for Splyce.

summit1g Mouse

Summit1g has made an interesting choice in picking a gaming mouse from Final Mouse. The information available is a little bit vague, but we believe he is using Final Mouse 2015.

It is really hard to find credible reviews on this mouse online. We are hard at work on identifying more resources so we can make a fair assessment of the mouse’s quality.

summit1g Keyboard

Corsair Gaming K70 review

Jaryd uses the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Rapid Fire gaming keyboard. This keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX Red mechanical switches.

This model is very similar to both our pick for the best gaming keyboard overall, as well as the best tenkeyless  gaming keyboard. Both from Corsair.

summit1g Monitor

Asus VG248QE review

ASUS VG248QE gaming monitor is the screen of choice. With its 24 inches and a 144 Hz refresh rate it’s  a solid choice for multiple games, but with focus on FPS games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

summit1g Headset

Lazar uses the Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X. We don’t know that much about this headset just now, but we are certainly intrigued. Audio-Technica makes very good microphones for streamers, and also headset for cost aware enthusiasts.

Stay tuned on the site for more info coming soon!

summit1g Mousepad

The mousepad is Corsair MM200 XL. This is the biggest gaming surface from Corsair. We like the design and are looking forward to try it out some more soon.

summit1g Webcam

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 is the webcam of choice. This is the older model to the one we currently think is the best webcam for streaming in 2017.

While the C920 also is very good, we think the C922 i even better, and definitely worth the extra cost if you are upgrading today.

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