kennyS CS:GO Setup & Gear (Updated June ’17)

Kenny “kennyS” Schrub is a french eSport superstar born on May 19 1995. He started playing videogames at an early age of 6. It was his older brother that got him into gaming.

In the beginning kennyS mother had some concern over his intense gaming sessions, but at the same time the gaming gave him comfort during hard times in his youth. However when his career took off after a lot of hard work, his mother and family is now very supportive of his choice.

Some trivia include the fact that kennyS is not a fan of people that spells his nickname with a capital “s”.  Outside of gaming he is a huge Paris Saint-Germain Football Club fan. We find it quite common that eSport superstars often loves to follow others sports which further proves how competitive people in this business are.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

kennyS is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, currently playing for Team EnvyUS. He is the resident AWPer for his team. He is considered one of the top AWPers in the world, based on his accuracy and quickness when it comes to important pick-offs during intense matches.

Notable achievements include first place in DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015 CS:GO Major Championship. He was also awarded best sniper of the year 2012, 2013 and 2014.

“He is considered one of the top AWP’ers in the world, based on his accuracy and quickness when it comes to important pick-offs during intense matches.”

kennyS Mouse

Best CSGO Mouse

He is yet another player using the ZOWIE GEAR EC1-A gaming mouse. This is a big mouse suitable for palm or claw grip. Pictures from events and kennyS stream show that he is mostly using the claw-grip with some slight alternations from time to time.

The setting for his mouse include an Effective DPI value of 880, base DPI at 400, cm/360 at 47.2, in/360 at 18.6. In-game sensitivity is 2.2 and the windows sense is at 6/11 with m_rawinput turned “on”. The polling rate is at 500 Hz.

The ZOWIE GEAR EC1-A is currently one of our favorite gaming mice. The model is featured as an honorable mention in our article for the best gaming mouse 2017.

kennyS Keyboard

The keyboard of choice is another popular mechanical keyboard in the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate. It is also receiving decent review scores from few of the most well-known reviewers in the market.

Our research has shown indications that this might be one of the most used keyboards on the market, between pros and casual gamers alike.

We have found sources telling us that kennyS is using the Cherry MX Blue switches on his personal keyboard.

[Update] Recent information is telling us that he has since switched keyboard to Xtrfy K2-RGB.

kennyS Headset

hyperx cloud revolver
In order to hear the enemy teams footsteps so he can land those incredible sniper shots he has just recently switched from the HyperX Cloud 2 to the HyperX Cloud Revolver gaming headset.

kennyS Monitor


He is using the BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 esports gaming monitor. The successor named XL2546 is currently the best esport monitor according to our extensive research.

Read all about it in our ultimate buyer’s guide for 2017 here!

The screen measures 24 inches, using 240Hz refreshrate and the in-game video settings are 1024*768 with black bars. The in-game resolution of choice is 1024*768, with Black Bars.

kennyS Mousepad

razer goliathus speed
Last but not least we find the huge Razer Goliathus Speed gaming mousepad.

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