Hiko CS:GO Gaming Setup (Updated July ’17)

Spencer Martin or Hiko which is the alias he uses online is a North American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. He was recently playing a rifler, and the lurker role for Team Liquid. He is now focusing on his streaming career and is currently not part of any professional team.

Hiko is usually the in-game leader for his teams. Some quite interesting trivia is that he is colour blind, something that does not seem to stop him from being successful in his profession as a professional CS:GO player!

Hiko Mouse

Best Mouse For CSGO

Spencer is currently using the ZOWIE EC2-A gaming mouse. This is a very popular choice, many CS:GO, and FPS players equip this mouse.

ZOWIE EC2-A is currently also the best mouse for CS:GO according to our extensive research, which you can read here.

Hiko Keyboard

hiko gear

The last info we can we tells us that Martin is using the ZOWIE Celeritas II. This is a brand new version, released just a while back. Version II uses optical switches which we are eager to research more in the near future.

Hiko Monitor

hiko monitor

The gaming monitor of choice is the AOC G2460PQU. Like so many other esports professionals Martin is using a 24″ monitor. This model features a resolution of 1920 by 1080 and a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

It is certainly not one of the flashier models out there. The AOC G2460PQU could actually be a good fit for minimalist gamers out there.

We are currently working on our extensive buyer’s guide for the best gaming monitor in 2017. We don’t have all the data yet, but AOC’s popularity is growing, meaning it’s definitely one of the monitors we are keeping an eye on.

Our ultimate buyer’s guide for the best gaming monitor in 2017 is now published, and may be found here!

Hiko Headset

Sennheiser is the brand of choice. We are hard at work on identifying the specific model. Update is coming real soon, promise.

Hiko Mousepad

Zowie G-SR is the mousepad he is using. It appears Hiko has a branded version with his own logo on the surface, pretty cool!

Hiko Chair

NeedForSeat supplies the seating experience.


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