The Best Gaming Mouse 2017

Finding the best mouse for CSGO, Dota2 LoL and Overwatch is harder than ever. There are many good mice out there and the competition to stay on top is fierce. The skills and dedication to perform in games today is at an all time high. 

Combining all of the above and we can be sure that making a purchase decision in 2017 is very hard, but also more important than before. Follow our guide below to make sure you are making the best choice!

Updates: This it the first release of our guide and it was published on March 1 2017.

The Best CSGO Mouse: Benq ZOWIE EC2-A

Zowie ec2-a reviewBenq ZOWIE EC2-A is the best mouse for CSGO right now. When comparing and researching the favorite mice of the pros, this model always comes out on top.

The mouse has a subtle but ergonomic design. The buttons feel great and the rubber texture gives a good grip.

It has one of the best sensors on the market, tracking is flawless. We also like that the mouse comes without any drivers which could add unnecessary complexity when setting up the mouse on a new system.

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The Best Dota 2 Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei

Best Dota 2 Mouse

So far the SteelSeries Sensei seems outstanding for Dota 2. During our research we atleast 43 professional Esports players using this mouse.

The mouse is also of the longest running entries as it was first announced back in 2011. The design is well proven.

This particular model is the ambidextrous model in SteelSeries line-up. We prefer the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] version for its rubber coated finish. This version is also cheaper thanks to a scaled down set of functions.

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The Best Overwatch Mouse: Logitech Pro

best overwatch mouse

This is the latest mouse from the Logitech. It’s especially made for the growin Esports market. It is currently the most popular mouse amonst Overwatch players.

The sensor is Pixart PMW3366 which is one of the best sensors on the market. It has flawless tracking that’s vital for FPS games.

The shape of the mouse is a proven design from earlier Logitech mice and best suited for people with smaller hands. This is our current favourite ambidextrous mice on the market, and it’s really light.

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The Best LoL Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer deathadder elite reviewThe newest addition to the legendary DeathAdder family is called Razer DeathAdder Elite. The older Chroma version is still the most popular amonst LoL players, but if you are upgrading today this is the version to get.

The Elite adds to the legacy of the DeathAdder in the best possible ways. DeathAdder Elite features Omron switches made specifically for Razer, and is made even sturdier than before.

According to our research Razer DeathAdder Elite is probably the most versatile gaming mouse currently on the market.

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Why you need the best mouse to win

Drivers and Software

Having good drivers and software is also important. Zowie EC2-A comes with no drivers. This is great if you don’t want to bloat your computer with additional hardware. The downside is that it limits the customization. ZOWIE solves this partially but allowing for some settings using buttons on the device itself.

The DeathAdder Elite uses Razers cloud based software called Synapse. While we understand that a dedicated software suite allows for more customisation for different use cases, we really like the minimalist approach of the model from Zowie. Synapse is also known for its many updates that requires reboots, and the software requires the user to have an account.

When you travel to tournaments and different practise locations keeping track of software is a hassle. At that point it’s better to do any necessary settings in windows and the game client directly.

Shape and Ergonomics

The shape of the mouse is also central in defining our winner. While we leave som space below your our readers to evaluate the shape of our favourite picks we try to determine if there is any major flaws with the design as soon as possible.

This also the most individual part of any gaming mouse. Some people like an ergonomic approach while others like the ambidextrous route. If you are left-handed the options get’s more limited. We find it a little bit funny that our current research has found 2 ergonomic models, and 2 ambidextrous.


Having a good sensor is very important. To give the player as much control as possible the best gaming mouse 2017 should be equipped with a flawless sensor without any trail prediction. Pixart PMW3366 and Avago ADNS-3310 are 2 solid choices. This most important for FPS games

The buttons should be responsive and last for millions och clicks during intense MOBA battles. We generally recommend OMRON switches found in most of our top performing mice.

The mouse should probably be corded. Even though there are wireless gaming mice on the market today, there is always going to be that one time your batteries dies in a clan match and your team loses the match. Our recommendation is to stick with a corded model for now.

How did we find the best mouse for each game

We are true optimizers and we have spent countless of years playing games. Combine that with many hours of online surveys on all gaming mice currently on the market. Our research combines a variety of different factors.

We started off by scanning the internet to find the esports players favourite mice. This is a good indication on what models from what brands are most suited for what genres and what games.

After we had compiled a list of the most popular gaming mice we started doing reading reviews on each of the models to find different angles and opinions on the various offerings.

We strongly believe that quality is one of the most important aspects. There is nothing more annoying than having your gaming mouse die during a match. A good mouse should last for a long time. This also saves the planet(!)

The best gaming mouse according to the pros

We are always monitoring the best esports players to see what mouse they are using. While most of the players use sponsored gear we believe it’s still a good way to find the best mouse from a specific brand. For example the big manufacturers like Razer and Zowie have almost 10 different mice available, and the players choose 1.

Zowie, Logitech, Razer and SteelSeries are the most used brands amongst all esports professionals. Still only a few brands have their models in the top for each game. For a few games and especially Dota2 we found that almost 50% percent of the players used a specific model. These statistics are invaluable in our quest to find the best mouse for CSGO, Dota 2, LoL and Overwatch.

What do professional journalists say

What’s also really important is to analyze opinions from professional reviewers on the best publications online. They have various tools and specialized testing methods to push the mice to its limit.

It is often here we find the most in-depth information about the sensor and the various electronics inside the mouse. It is important to understand the fundamentals before moving on to game specific preferences when it comes to gaming mice.

When it comes to general use we find that the Razer DeathAdder series in the most popular amongst reviewers. The versatility of this mouse and the customisation available in Razers software is outstanding. If this research was conducted to find the best gaming mouse in general we would probably put this mouse in the top.

We have compiled a list of trusted sources for gaming hardware reviews. We are very serious about how serious the publications are when it comes to ethics and journalism. We can’t afford to use quotes and opinions from people who take money to write good reviews. The sites that we use must also have a proven track record when it comes to technical skills, they need to understand what separates the inside of the different models when it comes to tracking and performance.

The best mouse for gaming according to influencers

When doing our research we also like to analyse if the content producers and the outspoken public is adopting a particular piece of gear. We have scanned Reddit and various forums to find opinions from gamers around the world.

Definition of the best mouse for you

Let’s not forget about your own preferences. While we can research most stuff that is available online, and test them ourselves, the bottom line is that we are all different. When reading about different gear and different games try to visualise if the mouse is a fit for you. When choosing the best mouse for CSGO example you are most important!

The Logitech G Pro and the SteelSeries Sensei with their ambidextrous design can be used by left-handed players. Beause of this these 2 models will probably beat any other models no matter what game you play.

Versatility in other games

Can our mouse picks for each game be used for other games as well – Of course!

While we have surveyed the market to find the best gaming mouse for each popular esports title, all models listed here are versatile enough to be used for most genres. Some models are better for a specific genre like the Benq ZOWIE EC2-A while the Razer DeathAdder Elite is even more versatile. The sensor in the SteelSeries Sensei on the other hand is not very well suited for FPS games.

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The Best Gaming Mouse 2017 – The Longer Version

The Best Mouse For CSGO: Benq ZOWIE EC2-A

Best CSGO Mouse

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is of the most popular Esports titles right now. Even though the game features some realistic themes which could limit the audience. It’s still one of the most viewed titles on Twitch and Youtube.

The game engine allows for some serious customization. Sniping opponents requires a very exact precision and people talk a lot about flawless sensors, optical sensors that does not interfere with the settings by the user. The Benq ZOWIE EC2-A is equipped with an Avago ADNS-3310 sensor and it is flawless.

Below is our collected research on what important groups of people think of this mouse as a CSGO weapon of choice.

Journalist Reviews

“Zowie mice are generally known for their simplicity, but the attention to detail and subtlety is what really sets them apart. Every little curve has a fair bit of thought behind it. I probably couldn’t do it justice trying to describe it, but most people find this mouse very comfortable, probably something like 95%. Unfortunately due to the buttons, it’s usually only recommended for FPS” – Rocket Jump Ninja

Pro Player Popularity

This mouse is by far the most popular gaming mouse amongst professional esports players. Famous Zowie EC2-A users include pronax, Hiko, F0rest, Happy and JW.

The Bottom Line

The Benq ZOWIE EC2-A mouse features the Avago ADNS-3310 flawless sensor. It is considered the top choice for CS:GO because it does no predictive smoothing during tracking of the surface. This allows for the user full control over all the settings.

The bigger version called Zowie EC1-A is also a very popular and a good choice. It could be a little confusing to keep track of the models since it’s essentially the same mouse.


We have found that this mouse is often times only recommended for FPS games. If you like to play around in Overwatch for instance this model will suit you just fine. But if you like to challenge your friends in different MOBA games, The Razer DeathAdder is problably a better alternative.

Another thing that get’s noted when talking about the versatility of the EC2-A is the fact that the thumb buttons are a little bit flimsy. In most FPS games these buttons are not used that much but it should be taking into consideration before a purchase.

The Best Mouse For Dota 2: SteelSeries Sensei

Best Dota 2 Mouse

Dota 2

Dota 2 boasts the highest price money in all of Esports. Because of this the competition is also very high. Gathering even the tiniest of advantages could make you a millionare, and choosing the best mouse is one of them.

Pro Player Popularity

When doing our survey to find the mouse that is most popular for Dota 2, we found no less than 43 pros using the SteelSeries Sensei. This is the biggest adoption out of any of the games researched for this article.

Famous users include: Loda, Akke, SumaiL, Puppey and Arteezy amongst many more.

Journalist Opinions

“Overall the Sensei is a very well rounded mouse. The shape of the mouse allows for perfect control with a palm type grip, and it feels good to hold and use” – Frederik S, TechPowerUp

“The Sensei is a phenomenal mouse. It’s a testament to its performance that despite having woefully horrible button customisation and macro support, it’s still one of our favourite mice” – Craig Simms, Cnet

Final Verdict

Along with the Razer DeathAdder family, the SteelSeries is one of the oldest and most proven mice still on the market. We like that SteelSeries has kept it around instead of confusing the market by keeping the mold and giving the mouse a new name (like Logitech likes to do).


The SteelSeries Sensei is equipped with the AVAGO ADNS-9500 which is not a flawless sensor.We think this is fine for Dota 2 and MOBA games, but if you plan to play and FPS outside of practise there are a few better suited mice.

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The Best Mouse For Overwatch: Logitech G Pro

best overwatch mouse


Overwatch is the latest title from Blizzard Entertainment. It is an FPS which tests the accuracy of the sensor. But because of all the different roles and object within the game the choice for the best mouse if even more complex.

Pro Player Popularity

The newest mouse in this article is also the most popular for the newest game. Is this a lucky coincidence or is this where the competitive gaming landscape is moving towards?

One of the most famous people in Overwatch is Seagull and he is rocking the Logitech G Pro like nobodies business. In total we found 9 professional Overwatch players using the G Pro which placed this mouse as the most popular model out of all mice for this game.

Journalist Opinions

This mouse is one of the favourite mice amongst reviewers. The performance is really good. There is however some thoughts about the price, which is quite high. The small size and the mouse ambidextrous design is, while versatile, not always the best choice for all people.

“A simple mouse that excels at what it sets out to do, though slightly pricier than we’d like” – Wes Fenlon, PC Gamer

Simple, comfortable, and practical, the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse is ideal for the professional gamer and anyone who wants to be one someday” – Joel Santo Domingo, PC Mag

The Bottom Line

This one of our favourite up and coming mice. Even though it was released in 2016, the format of the mouse inherits the legacy of other gaming mice from Logitech. The build quality is really good and what we can expect from Logitech.

What we really like about this mouse is the clear branding of the mouse. This mouse is made for competitive gaming and Esports and nothing else.

This is an ambidextrous mouse suited for both right and left-handed players. The mouse is also quite small so it might not fit people with bigger hands. The optical sensor in the G Pro is Pixart PMW3366 which is what people call flawless. Flawless in the sense that there is no trail smoothing whatsoever making this mouse well suited for FPS.

The Best Mouse For LoL: Razer DeathAdder Elite

Best LoL Mouse

Professional Gamers

When doing our research we found at least 35 League of Legends pros using the Razer DeathAdder. While surveying the other games mentioned in this article the DeathAdder often ended up in second place in popularity.

Famous players include Faker and many more. Even from other games in this article and in general.

Journalist Opinions

“The DeathAdder Elite is good to the point of being a killer mouse for 85% of end users, but the other 15% with big hands probably wouldn’t like the proximity of the thumb to the index finger when clenching the mouse – Mark Taliaferro, Bjorn3d

It’s still easy to grasp, well constructed, and performs well across a wide variety of game genres. I didn’t experience any issues with the mouse’s accuracy during my month using the Elite– Jose Vilches, TechSpot

Influencer Adoption

Razer DeathAdder is most likely one of the contenders to the most sold gaming mouse of all time. When we talk to people this is the model that comes up as the one to buy from most people. Razer is also the manufacturer with highest brand recognition.

With that said Razers branding is something that you either love or hate. There is going to be a big Razer logo on top of the mouse and the lights are all over the place. We would like to see a more minimalist approach on some of Razers gear in the future.

Our Comments

When we first tried Razer DeathAdder way back we found the sensor a little bit wonky, which resulted in a jittery cursor. Razer has also been criticized in the past for having a lot of bells and whistles, and at the same time lacking in quality.

However in more recent years Razer has stepped up their game and the DeathAdder Chroma is one of the most loved mice in the history of gaming. The Razer DeathAdder Elite builds upon this legacy and has become the most allrounded mouse currently on the market.

All the reviews and opinions we have taken part of love this mouse for playing in every gaming genre. This is also why we chose to pick the most recent version of the older, although Chroma is still the mouse used by most pros.

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The Competition

Even though Razer has such a popular mouse in the DeathAdder. This mouse is also the only model from the American brand that made our list. Below we have gathered intel on the most popular models from brands in competition. Please remember that the competition for the best gaming mouse is harder than ever and we will revisit this review if we think our recommendations may change in the future.

The idea is to find the runner-up from each of the most popular brands. When doing our research to find the best gaming mice out there we stumble upon a lot of interesting devices. These listed has quite a few users, or are worth keeping in mind for the future. They have just recently been released or offer some unique features that makes them more niched.

To summarize these models listed below should be on everyone’s radar as the best alternatives, and there is also a few up and coming rebels. This is also the place to find lesser know brands that we find interesting.

A good ambidextrous mouse: Benq ZOWIE FK1

Best CSGO Mouse

This is the best ZOWIE mouse for people who are left-handed or like an ambidextrous design. It gives up on the ergonomic design in favour or increased versatility.

Zowie FK is the second most best mouse for CSGO amongst all the professional players we have surveyed.

This mouse comes in 3 different sizes (FK2, FK1 and FK1+). The low profile of the mouse allows for both palm and claw grip. The electronics on the inside is the same as the EC2-A which has proven to be really impressive.

Ergonomic mouse alternative: SteelSeries Rival 300

Best CSGO MouseThis is a newer model than the Sensei and the Rival family has since expanded to include Rival 100, Rival 500 and Rival 700.

What sets this line apart from the Sensei line is the fact that Rival is moulded for right hand users only.

While it sets the expectations high for those who like ergonomic mice, the SteelSeries Rival 300 design falls short to both the EC2-A and DeathAdder.

Logitech’s ergonomic performer: Logitech G403 Prodigy

Best CSGO MouseThis is the ergonomic model we recommend from the Logitech. It has basically the same features as the G Pro model but is better suited for people who use a palm grip.

The mouse is also a lot wider than the G Pro.

To ensure gameplay without interruptions we strongly recommend that you buy the wired version as wireless can still be a little bit annoying at times.

Closing thoughts on the best mouse for CSGO, DOTA2, LoL and Overwatch

Our winners: Benq ZOWIE EC2-A for CSGO, SteelSeries Sensei for Dota 2, Logitech G Pro for Overwatch and Razer DeathAdder Elite for LoL.

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